Academics are not deterred even the demographic.

By panels of citizens that will lead. Today, we begin to ask questions. The proposal is now very loose and general — he explained. IX student of the Warsaw High School. Clementine Hoffman admitted that her high school on strike. — I’m here because I support teachers. I think that they are doing a brilliant job. I am proud that I am a student of my high school.

I believe that our teachers deserve better wages and greater respect. I admire them very much and I would like to have a decent chance of talks with the government — she said. Paulina Kasialis came from Lodz. She is a high school girl. — Students and teachers contrary to appearances, going in the same boat. As if there were no teachers, we would not be here. Not all are amazing, but most come to the profession with passion.

They want us carried the knowledge in the world. Jędrzej Szymanek Multicultural High School of the Humanities. Jacek Kuron in Warsaw said: — We support teachers, because we believe that are out for our good. The teacher, who pay almost nothing is burned. There will be young people raised as if he wanted.

I believe that the teacher is> young engineer of souls What will happen to the children, the psycho-pedagogical clinic will give its opinion on the merits of the postponement of compulsory education? Does anyone predicted the space for these children? Where are they then podzieją? «- Education, answering such questions posed by parents, he writes: In cases justified by important reasons to start fulfilling the duty of a school not having a judgment about the need for special education, may be postponed, but not longer than one year. Opinion about the legitimacy of the postponement of compulsory education seems psycho-pedagogical clinic on the basis of diagnosis. Officials add that the child was 6 years old, which does not start fulfilling compulsory school continues preparation in a kindergarten, kindergarten division organized in a primary school or in any other form of preschool education. Ensuring conditions for the continuation of pre-school preparation is a task of its own municipality. Therefore, a child who is waiting in line at the clinic or the parents are planning to select it, and so it should take part in the recruitment of school.

Because, as explained MEN, the mere fact of applying for a postponement of compulsory education does not mean that the child will have postponed the start of compulsory education. Therefore, at this stage, the director of the kindergarten there is no reason to accept a request from the parents to continue the child’s preschool education. A place in the kindergarten parents can apply after the school director, in a circuit where the child lives, the decision to defer the implementation of compulsory education. It is worth remembering that the school district is required to adopt a child compulsory education, even if the report there on September 1, and even if it had not have taken shares in recruitment. Main ranking Perspectives (available at allows you to compare all universities in Poland.

For high school student studying selecting means much greater importance, however, may be not so much the whole list, if one particular parameter. Therefore, outside the main tables, Educational Foundation Prospects also publishes additional data. — the place where the shuffle. For example, innovation is the best University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow. And in the internationalization — Kozminski University — explained in an interview with the DGP Waldemar Siwinski, president of the foundation Perspektywy.Jednym of the most important indicators that take into account the perspectives of the experts, it is that the higher education enjoys the greatest esteem among entrepreneurs. Opinion of employers responsible for up to 11 percent. of the points.

Most — 100 out of 100 possible — in this category, won the Warsaw University of Technology. Next were: University of Warsaw, University of Mining and Metallurgy, the Jagiellonian University and Wroclaw University of Technology. BEST UNIVERSITIES ACADEMIC best academic institutions. RANKING >>> Perspectives 2015 — Prestige among employers was very important for us, because they receive the final product of the university: graduate — explains Waldemar Siwiński. — An important factor in ranking was also the internationalization of the university. It shows not only how easily students can go abroad, but also whether the site meets with people from other countries, referring valuable contacts that can pay off in the category internationalization win przyszłości.W private universities.

The first statement is the Kozminski University in Warsaw, which has the largest percentage of students in Poland in foreign languages ​​in relation to the total number of students. Every third żak there comes from abroad. Kozminski also sends the highest percentage of foreign students on scholarships and takes proportionally much przyjeżdżających.NAJLEPSZE private universities MA MA best private universities. RANKING Prospects 2015 >>> While in Poland, foreign students arrive, we are still on this issue outside the European league. The European Commission assumes that by 2020.

In all the countries of the Commonwealth foreign schoolboys should account for 20 percent. of the total. In Poland only 3.1 percent. OECD average is 8 percent. EU — 7.Ponad 80 percent. studying with us foreigners come from Europe, from Asia is only 5 thousand. (In the UK is the largest group of foreign students in the year 2011/2012 there were educated 78 thousand. Chinese, 29.9 thousand. Indians, 14 thousand.

Malaysians and 11 thousand. Hong Kong citizens) and 109 people from South America. As the report shows Perspectives, year-on-year decrease in the number of students from North and Central America. Today there are 1172 years ago — about 174 more. In contrast, almost half of the foreign students are Ukraińcy.Uczelnie public lead in terms of innovation.

If you compare the number of patents granted with the number of employed professors, the best ratio will Lublin University of Technology. Most licenses sold while the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow. And she wins the innovation ranking uczelni.- We have good scientists and we try to support them — briefly explains Bartosz Dembinski, a spokesman for the Krakow University. — Ever since we entered the European Union, we have already acquired about 1.3 billion zł for development. We tried to spend these resources in a thoughtful way, we decided that invest mainly in the science base. At the moment we have more than 600 laboratories. It would be strange if it was not born here interesting ideas — żartuje my PWSZ best state colleges.

RANKING Prospects 2015 >>> Dembinski argues that one of the main reasons for the success of AGH is cooperation with industry. — We sign contracts with many companies. Practitioners employed in them come to us to teach, and our scientists to solve their specific problems. It happens that our students write theses under the supervision of a kind of two promoters — one scientific and one of the company — he explains. — We are a large technical university, but also specialize in very narrow areas. As a result, our graduates have a nice start in the labor market. There are departments where 50 percent. graduates with a vintage 2014 got more than one job offer — adds dumą.Dla people who are planning a career in science, it may be important whether the university allows further — after graduate studies — development.

Headlamp schools that meet this requirement, more or less coincides with a list of the best universities in the main ranking. First place in terms of powers is Warsaw University of Technology doctoral and postdoctoral — University Warszawski.- Universities say they do not work for the scoring, but being on the top of the rankings really helps them. The world is 20 thousand. universities. If you are looking for a business partner contact abroad, it wants the information as given to the university invests. The same also do rectors and students — classification helps to understand who we’re dealing with — explains Waldemar Siwiński Perspektyw.Same indicators of main ranking is not everything. On the was also published ranking of individual fields of study.

Here guide can be even more important than in the whole university. Colleges have a relatively high flexibility in opening new directions. In Poland, the universities opened so 344 directions that have the word in the name of «science.» Throughout the country there is also pedagogy 295, 215 faculties of management, economics 174, 102, political science, sociology, 115, 107 in international relations, 92 directions prawnicze.W near future directions of free will even arrive. As we wrote in the DGP, up 27 universities for Higher Education has made a request for permission to free new directions. What operating quarter of the country’s public schools.

Academics are not deterred even the demographic. This year, the studio went about 90 thousand. fewer people than originally estimated nauki.OPINIEPROF resort. Marcin Pałys, rector of the University of Warsaw: The most important for the university to have discussed many times. We aim to become a respected research university in the world. We want to carry out such research, which give a serious and important contribution to the development of world science and that are visible from the perspective of not only national, but international. Such achievements can then form the basis for conducting training at the highest level. We would like to interesting ideas and valuable initiatives, both research and teaching, can grow, rather than trudge through the bureaucratic procedurach.PROF.

JAN Chajda, rector of the State Higher Vocational School. Stanislaw Wojciechowski in Kalisz: Victory and success means that well realize assumptions. It confirms that we follow the right trail, and for candidates indication that it is worth to choose our school. The most important for us are the quality of education and comfort study. These two determinants surrender our actions, give up evaluations, rankings, constantly expanding. Our goal now is to transform higher professional education in the university academically, second degree with studies carried out in all directions and the right to confer doctoral degrees for at least two kierunkach.PROF. Witold T. Bielecki, president of the Leon Kozminski Academy: Our university was founded by professionals — professors of Faculty of Management.

At a time when it assumed no one has yet approached the university as an institution that requires strategy. Everyone thought that it is enough to establish a school, implement programs, and students will come, teachers teach. They were counting on the power of inertia. We climbed to the different — we started with the invention of long-term strategy. Even then, we knew that in the future universities will grappled with demographic low. We wondered, then, how to prevent it.

The answer was studying for adults and internationalization of the university. I remember at one of the meetings prof. Andrzej Kozminski said that our goal will be to half of the students come from abroad. Someone — very rude — laughed. Today we have more than 30 percent. international students. And we make sure that every year their przybywało.Uczelnie think that internationalization is that you should just hire a few teachers who speak English.

It’s not enough. We have every employee speaks English, we pay supplements for achieving the next level of this skill. All the signs on the door are two językach.Poza including foreign students we attract international accreditations. From the beginning we have worked hard to obtain them. Therefore, when Poland was established in the State Accreditation Commission, we obtained distinctions in its assessments.

I have long had made up for this lesson. I wish such schools was with us. My dream is to pick up an opinion about Poland as a country where the level of education is comparable with Europe. Recipe for a healthy bun developed Council for the Promotion of Food Pro-Health. Later this week, will apply to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate on the acceptance of the product. — GIS must approve it before it goes to the shops school, such procedures are. We want to confirm that it meets the criteria of a healthy product.

Only then we will present it on the market — informs Bronislaw Wesolowski, president of the Association of Scientific and Technical Engineers and Technicians of Food Industry, which was established at RPŻP. Read more Minister of Health finds the recipe for the perfect bun Initially there was talk of a dozen flavors, but not all meet the conditions of low sugar content. Bun will be able to produce any company that reports to the recipe and go positive verification of the association. The organization reported to the patent office sign «Health-oriented product RPŻP». — We want to develop this product category, and then another. We see the opportunity to introduce healthy beverage — explains the chairman RPŻP Adam Bogacz. — Companies that create on health-oriented food production will be able to stand out in a competitive market — dodaje.Euromonitor International estimates the market value of healthy products to more than 1.3 billion zł.

In recent years, health-food sales grew by several percent per year. — accelerate growth when prices fall and will catch up with those of the traditional products. And this may lead to a greater influx of healthy products on the market — says Ireneusz Lichota, CEO of Zentis Poland, which developed the recipe for the filling radziwiłłówki, as called buns, and now is working on a pro-health drink. — We hope that the entry into this category will increase our turnover. Public will grow at least 30 thousand. schools in Poland — he said. Read more Bun can be healthy too His chance to see their biggest network in the country. We learned that the health-related products developed by pGER interested in Ladybird.

Also shops for school products such as Radziwiłłówka can be facilitated. With the 40 checks carried out in the province. Lesser showed that shop owners have trouble assortment. — In the shops is conducted mainly sale of mineral water, juice, fruit, sandwiches, salads and rice cakes — says Elzbieta Kuras from Krakow sanepidu.Jak resulted from the research, the biggest problems were with selecting products, eg. Fat content meets the standards required by the Ministry of Health but carbohydrates are not. Similar conclusions came from surveys conducted by sanitary Olsztyn.

AGENTS complained that after the introduction of the Act must read labels and check whether the product is allowed. One of the proposed solutions was sticking by the manufacturers of labels indicating «allowed in schools.» Read more schetynówka was the way, will be a piece Radziwiłłówka. Bun named health minister Education per student primary school is an expense for the municipality at an average of 8.1 thousand.